Our Process

Understand. We want to have in depth discussions to understand your needs and preferences with your investments. Many people know the goal they have for their money but making sure they know their own risk tolerance is vital. We will go in depth to explain various portfolio performances under different market conditions and levels of risk.

Design. We will design a portfolio that will be optimized for your goal with the money and the risk characteristics that you are comfortable with. To make money in investments over time, you have to be able to stay in good investments while the markets and economy fluctuate. Our goal is to keep you well informed and to let you know when we recommend changes and why we are recommending them.

Implement. We will get your portfolio into place and invested. We can run the entire portfolio and rebalance for you or if you prefer, we can help you take a more hands on approach. We can let you know the transactions and rebalances that should take place and you can implement them at your leisure.